I have been thinking about death for a long time now. Well, for several years at least. That seems like a long time to me. Not in any morbid, fearful, or obsessive way. Just looking at it. Turning it over in my mind. Getting close to it, just to feel what that’s like. Knowing for certain that I will get to experience it one day (or at least have it happen, if by definition there’s no real experience), it makes sense to me to take a look now in order to see if it’s possible to get comfortable with it ahead of time. So far I’d say it’s going well. I do feel that I’m getting ever slightly more comfortable with the idea. Rather than have a strange and possibly scary visitor knock on the door one day, why not choose to have that visitor be a friend, if we could make such a choice?

Maybe one day I will find something significant to write about from this pursuit of making a new friend, but meanwhile, I was immediately attracted to this article when I saw it online. “This is right up my alley. I’ve been thinking about this too,” I thought when I saw the title. Turns out it’s just beautifully written. The content, yes, but also simply the words. I think this author has a wonderful talent for words. If you like, you may form your own opinion by reading the piece here.

Here’s a good podcast on the subject including consequences of knowing exactly when you would die.

There’s a fascinating TED talk from an ambulance driver who has faced many people in their last moments, and what he said to them.