Behind The Scenes: A Walk In The Sun

A Walk In The Sun is my first work of published fiction. I promised readers at the end of the book something about the story-behind-the-story. Here it is:

My sister (not named Polly) does own some property in remote Marin County. She has in fact had a very difficult time with the planning commission meeting all the requirements the county sets in its code for building expansion. The need for a fire-engine-sized turnaround at the end of a long drivway is true, as is the need for a “personal” fire hydrant. Many of the other code details, as well as all of Polly’s attempts to find justice,  I  made up. I’ve always been casually interested in politics, and followed with frustration, glee, or mere interest (depending on alignment with my own beliefs, of course) policies and political decisions in the real world that are motivated by self-interest or realpolitik, rather than by than moral, ideological, or “what is right” considerations. Marin County does have a long-standing anti-development stance (see here) and I was interested in what might play out if one woman took her small cause to an ultimate conclusion.

I hope you enjoyed the story. If so, won’t you please leave a review at your favorite eBook retailer? If you haven’t read it yet, you can download a copy here.

Or at any of your favorite retailers.


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