About Me

Hi. I’m delighted you found my blog page!

I’ve always been more of a math and science guy, but I’ve also always immensely enjoyed reading: science fiction, fantasy, literature, and creative non-fiction. There are books out there that are so fantastic, so imaginative, so impressive that they carried me away–made me wish that I could, in some tiny way give that sense of wonder and escape to others, just as that author had for me. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings; Pullman’s trilogy, The Golden Compass (basis for the movie), The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass; Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series and the parallel Bean Quartet, are just three of the many, many books or series that fall into this category for me. (As for non-science fiction or fantasy: McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men, and Michael Lewis’ The Blind Side come immediately to mind.)

So I started writing. I do not expect or even have a distant goal of turning out works like those above, but rather, writing is just an outlet, a way for me to tell stories, hopefully connect with readers, and maybe in some very small way contribute that other-worldly sense of wonder for at least someone. That’s what I’ll try to do.

I began writing press releases for my employer. I work in a technical field so it wasn’t so strange for someone without any formal academic training in writing to do so. They went over well, and so I received some initial encouragement. Although I have a technical background, I changed careers to the Marketing profession about sixteen years ago. Marketing, fundamentally, is about telling a great story. It’s about a value proposition, made real and exciting. It’s about knowing your product, knowing your customer, and being able to elegantly, accurately, and passionately tell them a story that resonates, that helps them understand the value you are bringing to their lives and convinces them to try what you are offering. Once they try it, they have to have a compelling experience. A little bit better isn’t good enough–the experience has to fundamentally change their lives, if only for that small slice of time when your product is in use. If your introductory story, and their experience of your product both work, you have a fair chance to gain commitment–a consistent long-term customer, and maybe even a friend.

The process seems very similar to me in writing. The author has to produce a mind-blowing product–one that fundamentally alters the reader’s world–again, if only for a short time. If a reader can physicially find your story (the marketing) and they LOVE your story (the product) you have a chance to create a long-term customer who will want more and more of what you produce, and tell their friends about it.

It’s an ambitious goal to produce even one such piece of writing that resonates with anybody, but what’s worth attempting that’s not hard?

I welcome, wholeheartedly, your comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

-AJ Lockhart

12 Jan 2014, Bear Valley, California


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